Autumn Slumber 

56cm cm Pal Tiya Clay on Timber


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Balanese Beauty

48cm Hand Sculpted Ceramic Clay



41cm Hand Sculpted and painted

Ceramic Clay  


 Crystal Elegance

48cm Hand Sculpted Ceramic and   Apoxy Sculpt. 


Ceramic Birds 

Available at Trove All under $50

Pal Tiya is a cement based airdry clay from New Zealand. This product does not need a kiln and is as hard as any ceramic clay. Can be painted and will stand any outdoor weather. 

The above sculpture I call Patience . She is approx the size of a 6 year old and was sculptured using PalTiya over chicken wire. She is sitting on a Carved Hebal Block. Patience is one of my favorite sculptures and not for sale. I am currently working on others that will be for sale in the future. I am happy to teach my technique to anyone interested in a one on one workshop.

Lady in the Forest like the elves below are a part of my garden .I have also created Possums and owls to suit the environment.


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